Veren Sharma

The academy is meant for preparing the individuals for Civil Services Examination. The motto of the academy is to inculcate the administrative ethics & values among the aspirants to enable them to exercise their authority with responsibility. The founder of the academy has also appeared and registered success in this field which he wants to extend to future aspirants for ensuring success.

The academy believes that leaders are not born but they are made with their dedication & hard work. The academy believes in imagination & encouragement rather than only knowledge because imagination leads to creativity & innovative strategies for the achievement of goals. Literacy is not the end of education nor even the beginning, it is only one of the means where by men & women can be educated. The aspirants are required to be taught the ethical values of administration from the beginning to enable them to master the right & ethical conduct of an administrator.

Khyati Kosta

On the basis of one of the famous sayings –“Keep your fears to yourself but share your inspiration with others.” The academy holds sharing of ideologies, sagas and experiences by the mentors which will not only groom the mindset of the candidates but also nurture them in this modern era. The founder’s view also suggests that this exam enlightens ones view towards integrity of the nation and a path to develop a good society. However, it is our true wish and hope to provide successful life to the aspirants in the field of civil services. Keep the zeal on to develop persona following your own individualism and we are there to provide wings for your successful flight in the civil services field.

“Defeat the defeat before it defeats you”