Why Public Administration as an Optional?

  • It makes us understand about our role & responsibilities as a civil servant.
  • It tells us about how our government functions.
  • How public policies are formulated in India & what are the main causes for failure of public policies.
  • It allows us to think about innovative & creative methods for better implementation of public to achieve inclusive Growth.
  • It also enables us to have the comparison of Indian administrative system with other administrative systems of developed countries to learn better practices from them.

From examination point of view it will have the following benefits:

  • Its syllabus from Indian Administration will cover a lot of concepts from GS Paper – II especially areas related to polity, Constitution & Governance. It will be covering approximately 100 – 125 marks of this GS paper
  • It will also help to get help in GS Paper – III especially areas related to Fiscal Policy & Monetary Policy along with Planning process adopted in our country & policies of Social & Economic Development. It will cover approximately 40 -50 marks of this GS paper.
  • It will also cover minimum 40% syllabus of GS Paper – IV in terms of Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude. A lot of topics from Pub ad have direct overlapping with GS Paper – IV. It will cover approximately 100-150 marks in GS Paper – IV.
  • It will also help in the preliminary examination as it will cover CSAT paper’s decision making questions.
  • In total, it will cover around 250-300 marks of GS. & weight of optional in 500 marks. Therefore, in total it will cover 750-800 marks out of 1500 marks (GS + Optional).
  • A very interesting fact is that one topic related with pub ad is also asked in Essay Paper with 250 marks.
  • The subject is having the highest success ratio in UPSC examination & State examination.